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Owner & Instructor, b.fab.funk & .yoga sculpt


When you pursue your dreams, sometimes they really do come true.  Such is the case for Rebecca and a childhood dream that came to life in the form of  “As a little girl, I wanted to have my own dance program when I grew up. My parents, however, said I had to get a real job," she chuckles.  When the time came, she followed her parents' advice and entered the workforce after graduating from Vanderbilt University.  Her husband's career would move them a few times before ultimately returning to Nashville where her dream was still very much alive.  She found release in leading a dance crew and teaching Zumba® classes at the local YMCA, where her infectious joy on the dance floor attracted such a large following that stepping out on her own was an easy leap of faith.  In 2008, was born and what was once just a little girl's dream to dance became a place where hundreds could gather to find joy and support.  "I am beyond blessed and so grateful to the AMAZING community and fabulous team at who pours their time and talent into something that continues to impact lives positively and be recognized as one of the best in town!”

Manager & Instructor, b.fab.funk


It took months of persuasion by his wife, Mandy, to get JR in the room, but only one class to know he was hooked for life. That was 2009 when JR timidly hid in the back, afraid to shake, shimmy or “woot woot” with the regulars who were having more fun exercising than he had at most parties.  Having grown up the self-described "fat kid", he lacked confidence in his body and its ability to do anything remotely similar to what he witnessed that day in class.  Regardless, what he did know was that he had too much fun not to return.  Fast-forward to 2012 and a much more outgoing JR moved from the back of the room to the front of the class, becoming the first “b.boy” on the b.fab team. “There's a tangible happiness inside a b.fab class.  It's a place where anyone, no matter your age, gender or skill, can be a rockstar for an hour,” he says. “I love this community--there's nothing like it.  I don't just workout with these people, I do life with them."


Instructor, b.fab.body


Shannon found thanks to Google.  Having just moved to Nashville a month prior, she was searching for a local spot to workout.  What she found, however, was what she calls the best time of her life.  "I still remember calling my husband after my first class, " she says, "and saying something to the effect of, 'You're not going to believe what I just did!  This mom of 3 just went club dancing on a Friday morning!!'"   With a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science, and a Masters in Physical Therapy, it's no surprise she bonded with b.fab owner, Rebecca Hinton, over discussion of a sports-related injury.  Rebecca saw what is evident to us all--Shannon has a love for health and fitness, and an even bigger love for helping people.  That love combined with her education made her the right candidate to help launch b.fab.body in January of 2013.  Since then, she has been an integral part of creating and implementing our strength-training content, and the voice of expertise our clients turn to for all things body. 

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Instructor, b.fab.funk


Dance has always been a part of Becca's life. She grew up in a dancing family that was quick to get moving whenever a great song came along. As an adult, she didn't realize how much she was missing that outlet. "When I came upon b.fab in 2019," she says, "it really was like reawakening a part of 'Becca'." The killer workout paired with original choreography was the combination she'd been looking for, but what really drew her in was the kindness of everyone in the room. Known as a bit of a ray of sunshine herself, Becca was a natural choice to join the team in 2021, when relaunching classes at Coleman Community Center. "Now that I have the gift of teaching, I'm so grateful to get the opportunity to cultivate that kind of community in my own classes." One of the things Becca loves most about b.fab is how people from all walks of life are able to come together and share an experience that strips them of all their differences. "Art is amazing in the way it breaks down walls and b.fab is a beautiful expression of that!"

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Instructor, b.fab.funk


Jennifer found b.fab in 2016 when her "day job" (architect) brought her to Nashville.  Leaving her home in Birmingham also meant leaving behind a seven year run as a dance fitness instructor, so finding an outlet for her groove was a priority she tackled online before the moving trucks even arrived.  "I am happiest and most free when I am dancing--it truly changes my mood every time I hop on the dance floor.  Dancing has also brought me some of the greatest friendships in my life.  I am so thankful to be able to dance with such an AMAZING group at!"

Instructor, b.fab.funk


Ketley always had a passion for dance, but never knew exactly what to do with it until stumbling upon dance cardio.  In 2010, amidst some emotional hardships, a friend introduced her to  She instantly fell in love with the community, music, energy, routines and sense of happiness in the room.   "I believe I was led to this place for a reason.  My joy was reawakened with every movement out on the dance floor," she says.  "I found a place where I belonged!"  In 2012, that joy and passion led to her being offered a spot on the b.fab.funk team where she continues to be a light on the dance floor and in the hearts of our community.   "It is my goal, every time I teach, to help bring joy into others lives that I, myself, found through b.fab."


CAROL HEWITT aka "Sha Sha"
Instructor, b.fab.body


Those who know Carol, would be surprised to hear her describe her default body type as “chunky and lazy,” but what’s kept her from ‘default’ has turned her into an exceptional instructor and champion for those looking to get and stay fit.  Since college, she’s been an enthusiast of anything that keeps her active -- participating in everything from Jazzercise to multiple half marathons and even getting certified to lead aerobics in the 90s.  In 2009, during a time of deep grief and loss, she was introduced to b.fab.funk, which became a place of healing and joyful abandon.  “I totally caught the infectious joy and sense of escape that is b.fab,” she says.  “It’s a safe place to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ and disconnect from every troubling thought.”  When .body was added in 2013, Carol found the missing link she needed for a full fitness experience and let go of other gym memberships.  Her ongoing commitment to herself and others made her an obvious choice to join the team.  “I truly believe it honors God when we seek to be our best selves in body, mind and spirit.  It’s a privilege to be able to share my passion with others through teaching and being a welcoming voice to this wonderful community.”

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